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Increases environmental literacy, especially related to wildfire and local ecology to help visitors, residents, and communities in the Eastern Sierra understand current risks and potential solutions while planning for a more hopeful future.

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FireWorks Educational Program

The Missoula FireWorks Program aims to positively impact wildland fire science education in the Eastern Sierra by providing FREE classroom-ready resources and hands-on training to teachers, educators and fire prevention specialitsts in the region.

Stay tune for 2024 workshop opportunities!

For more information about the program visit

“Funding for this project provided by the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection’s Fire Prevention Program as part of the California Climate Investments Program.” 


Valentine Reserve Nature Walks

Do you know what a healthy forest looks like? Develop your curiosity and connection with nature through journaling practices while walking the trails of Valentine Reserve. Learn about the benefits of healthy forest ecosystems and ways you can protect this natural resource.

Stay tuned for the Valentine Reserve public tours 2024 summer schedule.

For more information about the Valentine Reserve visit

Funding for this project provided by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife from the Water Quality, Supply, and Infrastructure Improvement Act of 2014 (Proposition 1, CWC § 79707).


Citizen's Wildfire Education Academy

The Citizen's Wildfire Education Academy is a seven-part series of free virtual sessions organized in 2022 by the Eastern Sierra Council of Governments (ESCOG) educating the public on wildfires, and how to prepare for it. The topics selected were aimed to reduce the anxiety about wildfire, and to help address and respond to questions that residents and visitors have about the topic. 

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